I rather naively thought my inbox would shrink post election. Of course I also thought Hillary Clinton would be our next president. (More)

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I am starting to wonder who sold my email address and to how many organizations. If a group is even mildly progressive or liberal, they have my name. Some I willingly donated to as defenders of rights and freedoms in the age of Trump. I so wish I was a rich philanthropist so I could help every group in whose cause I believe.

I do wish that, before the monetary ask, their email would give me some kind of brief update on what they have accomplished. I know that the sky is falling and that we are running out of time to addrees some critical issues.

I have been unsubscribing for a couple of weeks now. Some systems must take longer for that to kick in than others. The cumulative effect of my inbox is down right depressing. That is a state I can get to just reading the news. I am getting cranky. Enough!


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