I was at a gathering on Saturday with some new mothers. (More)

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I said I realized that post partum depression was real and sometimes very serious. I mentioned another real and maybe not so serious post birth phenomenon which is the post-partum temper tantrum. It doesn’t get much coverage.

I shared my story of not being allowed to nurse my son because they were short staffed. My dad was the Methodist church’s representative on the hospital board. I only mentioned that he was on the board and how unacceptable this was when my tirade started. I checked myself out mid tantrum and told them to stuff it when they tried to take me to the lobby in a wheel chair. The next day they found a laundry closet where I could feed my son whenever I wanted. I am basically pretty even tempered. I can only look back and think that hormones played a role.

A new mother had a similar meltdown when trying to leave. She was released by the doctor at 8am but was waiting for a prescription. When noon came and went she asked loudly if they were only trying to keep her to bill for another day. From the look on the faces she thought she’d hit a nerve. She too marched out declining the wheel chair ride. She sent her husband back later for the prescription.

The wheel chair ride was handled differently by another new mom excited to leave and a bit torqued by the process. She put her husband in the chair, handed him the baby and raced down the hall pushing him. She remembered saying, “you guys have way too many useless rules.” Her husband remembered her yelling that, but whatever.

I am convinced that the staff on the maternity floor could probably add more stories to these. The post-partum temper tantrums could be seen as hormonal raging. Or as one mom said this weekend, “I just felt so damn powerful that taking shit from anyone was out of the question.”


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