The nail gun, driven by compressed air, allows the user to drive nails at a rapid pace. It is obviously a boon to carpenters and speeds up the process of building.(More)

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Any remodeler who has been faced with the challenge of removing wood attached by a nail gun can testify to the downside of this ‘progress’ in building technology. Where one nail, driven by a hand-held, old-fashioned hammer might have been placed every three or four feet, nail guns can dispense nails three or four in one place. Getting the cluster removed is tedious and time consuming. Power staplers, as anyone who has ever tried to remove carpeting and padding can attest to, suffer from the same pattern of over shooting the minimal amount needed.

On the eve of our election, our politics remind me of a nail gun in the hands of a do-it-yourselfer. The nails to our highest ideals have been fired by Donald Trump at a compressed air driven pace. It will be tedious and time consuming to pull out the nails of hatred, misogyny, racism and intolerance. It will require great determination and persistence. Those nails are not holding us together but driving us apart.

Hopefully, love will overcome hate and we will emerge stronger together. Still to move forward we will need to deal with all the nails of hatred fired off in clusters that were driven into our hearts and our souls. Just ‘moving on’ will not be enough. The drivers of hatred have been freed from any previous constraints. We need to retire their compressors and grab our pliers. We have lots of remodeling to do on our democracy.


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