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Two-year-old Lý Anh Tông became Emperor of Vietnam today (1138). Also, Jehan Lagadeuc’s Catholicon, the first Breton and French dictionary, was published (1499), the St. Felix’s Flood devastated Flanders and Zeeland (1530), Guy Fawkes was arrested in the Gunpowder Plot to destroy Parliament (1605), José Matías Delgado rang the bells of La Merced church in San Salvador, launching the Salvadoran Independence Movement (1811), Nicaragua separated from the soon-to-collapse Federal Republic of Central America (1838), Susan B. Anthony voted for the first time, and would be fined $100 for defying laws that limited the franchise to men (1872), George Selden received the first U.S. patent for an automobile (1895), Woodrow Wilson was elected President of the United States (1912), Otto of Bavaria was deposed by his cousin, who became Ludwig III (1913), 7 people were killed as vigilantes confronted protesters from the Industrial Workers of the World in Everett, Washington (1916), “Ace of Spies” and James Bond inspiration Sidney Reilly was executed by the Soviet secret police (1925), 49 people died in Britain’s Hither Green Rail Crash, with the Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb among the survivors (1967), 5 people died in an explosive decompression aboard the Byford Dolphin drilling rig (1983), anti-apartheid leader and future South African Senator Govan Mbeki was released after 24 years in prison (1987), Kach movement founder Meir Kahane was shot and killed after giving a speech in New York City (1990), Aline Chrétien slammed and locked the bedroom door to protect her husband, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, from a knife-wielding would-be assassin (1995), Pakistani President Farooq Leghari ousted Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and dissolved the National Assembly (1996), Green River Killer Gary Ridgway pleaded guilty to 48 counts of murder and would eventually confess to nearly twice that number (2003), Saddam Hussein and two co-defendants were sentenced to death their roles in the 1982 Dujail Massacre (2006), China’s Chang’e 1 satellite entered orbit around the Moon (2007), and 13 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas, the deadliest mass shooting at a U.S. military base (2009). And India launched the nation’s first interplanetary probe: the Mars Orbiter Mission (2013).


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