My grandchildren love raking leaves. Since each house in their relatively new neighborhood has only one tree, there aren’t many leaves to rake.(More)

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We all went to their other grandparents for dinner yesterday. That house has many mature trees and lots of leaves. They were all out raking up huge piles and taking turns with the leaf blower. They had huge piles worthy of running and jumping into them with abandon

They got nine bags of leaves done with still huge piles of unbagged leaves. As we were leaving, the kids lobbied strongly to bring the bags of leaves home. They could be used to cover the gardens, they argued. They’d make jumping into the leaf piles more fun. They argued that jumping into only 20 leaves could be dangerous. Taking home more leaves would be safer. The rakes at home would not be idle, they said. They’d finally get really used. There is nothing quite so creatively persuasive as a kid with a mission.

Their dad relented and got three bags of leaves crammed into the back of the mini-van. Transporting bags of leaves may strike adults as ludicrous. The kids were full of plans for their new treasures. Being around kids makes me feel like the future is in good hands.


Credit: Adobe Stock Images. Standard License.