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This week Fire Chief J. Edward Hutchinson retired at age 94, after holding the post in Greensburg, Pennsylvania for 63 years. Also, women in Barrington, Rhode Island will parade in yoga pants to protest a man’s letter to the town’s newspaper and a Mississippi county has banned clown costumes until November 1st, while a New Jersey media magnate wrote a thank-you letter to the state trooper who gave him a speeding ticket and a tractor supply store in upstate New York returned $9800 to a restaurant owner after an anonymous couple found the money in one of the store’s shopping carts. And Ludington, Michigan was awarded the Guinness Record for the world’s largest ice cream sundae for a 2970-foot treat made in June … at least until Nashville, Michigan takes the record with their 3656-foot sundae made in September. Would you join the yoga pants parade?


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