The hardwood trees have mostly all changed to their fall colors and they are spectacular. There is real, if temporary beauty.(More)

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It is my favorite season. For me it is the season of beginnings. School starts with a new grade for kids. I got new shoes for the new school year when I was a kid.. In college, it meant buying new books, always a good thing. As a knitter it means starting new sweaters. I have memories of jumping into big piles of leaves and having bonfires.

In terms of the natural world, it is a time of harvest and a time of pending dormancy. I suppose we have elections now because of our agricultural past. With the harvest in, it was easier for people to go into town and vote. It is a wonderful time to canvas in Minnesota. People are out raking leaves and sitting in lawn chairs in their driveways listening to football games. Hopefully, the weather will hold until Nov. 8th and won’t be a factor in turnout. Still, we did get 33″ of snow one Halloween. I remind people at every door that they can vote early in person with no excuse and avoid long lines or possible bad weather.

I find myself glad that I am not canvassing in spring rain and mud or in summer heat. I’m extra grateful not to be door knocking in January here. I did that once for a school board special election and hope to never do it again.

I find myself musing as I go from door to door. I hope that the ugliness that has emerged in this election will not just go dormant. I hope we can put it all in a rhetorical compost pile and find again language and sentiments more worthy of all the people in our still imperfect union. I hope that this fall is a new beginning.


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