We went to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard yesterday. It’s a favorite fall activity and has been for years.(More)

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When the orchard was started in 1904 White Bear Lake was a small town and it was a drive from the city of St. Paul. Gradually the big city and the now suburbs sprawled out to meet each other. When I moved to White Bear in the mid 70s the Jacobson family had already owned the orchard for 25 years. Their kids were becoming adults and joining the business. They went from growing apples to adding cider, baked goods and every sort of apple themed gift one could imagine. Enough apple stuff emerged to employ the whole family (six kids). There is also a pick your own strawberry patch and a huge pumpkin patch. Now their grandkids are joining. And now I am going with my grandkids just as I once took my sons.

On a warm and sunny October Sunday, the place was jam packed. They have a small cafe where you can sit and eat apple pie or turnovers or donuts or apple bread or…or. They’ve done a good job of introducing new varieties of apples through the years. Oh, and the caramel apples are very good.

Yesterday the five year old walked around the house with her caramel apple from 2:00 until she finished it at 5:00. The older two polished theirs off in about 20 minutes each.

There is something most reassuring about the continuity of all this. In the midst of constant change and upheaval, it’s good to see a family business still growing and to see the next generation of my family visiting it. There’s also something of extreme patience and persistence in a kid that takes three hours to eat a caramel apple. Nice!


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