My best friend has “Alexa” the home automation box from Amazon.  You can tell it to do things like play music.  My god-daughter queued up 70’s music one night over a game of cards and was sent alternately laughing, toe tapping and groaning to the sound of Stayin’ Alive.  I found it on YouTube this evening and decided to share.  I too can’t help but laugh, toe-tap and groan when I hear this!

And of course, there’s this article I found today. From the article:

A subway worker has survived an electrocution on the third rail thanks to a co-worker performing CPR to the beat of the 1977 Bee Gees disco hit “Stayin’ Alive.” […]

Brathwaite then learned that co-worker David Martinez had rushed to her side to do lifesaving chest compressions as smoke rose from her body.

Martinez said he suddenly remembered reading that the rhythm of the Bee Gees‘ tune, featured in the John Travolta disco drama Saturday Night Fever, was perfect for CPR — 103 beats per minute.