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Today Donald Trump started a new conspiracy theory putting Carlos Slim – 14% owner of the New York Times and one-time Clinton Foundation donor – at the heart of a Mexilumminati conspiracy to impose global rule. Or something. Also, two more women came forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault and Trump’s collapse may put the U.S. House in play, but Mike Pence dismissed the polls because of “enthusiasm.” Or something. Meanwhile, Trump crowds are threatening reporters and armed Trump supporters tried to intimidate Clinton volunteers in Virginia, but the armed “protesters” insist they’re the ones being “persecuted.” As Trump declares war on Clinton, GOP leaders, the media, and anyone who opposes him and polls showing he is the voice of the GOP’s base, both The Atlantic‘s Michelle Cottle and the Washington Monthly‘s Nancy LeTourneau worry about what Trump supporters will do next. Are you among the increasing number of Americans who “just want this election to be over?”


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