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Today the Committee to Protect Journalists issued an unprecedented statement “recognizing that a Donald Trump presidency would represent a threat to press freedom.” The statement lists a long bill of particulars, and was issued as Trump renewed his threat to sue the New York Times and launched a conspiratorial diatribe at the media during a rally in West Palm Beach, after a Times attorney refused Trump’s demand that they retract and apologize for last night’s story of two women who allege Trump sexually assaulted them. First Lady Michelle Obama gave a blistering denunciation of Trump as more allegations emerged today, including a 1992 tape of Trump leering at young girls in the Trump Tower and other beauty pageant contestants who say Trump forcibly kissed them. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh complained about the “rape police” and other Trump apologists challenged everything from the timing of the allegations – despite the women saying they were reacting to Trump’s denial in Sunday night’s debate – to the coincidence that a 1968 song by the Velvet Underground also used the word “octopus” to describe groping a woman, while Trump said he would never have groped PEOPLE reporter Natasha Stoynoff because “look at her.” But a former Trump executive said she believes Trump’s accusers because “sexual assault and sexual harassment are really about the abuse of power – ‘I can do this to you because I am who I am’ – I do think it went to his head.” As it looks increasingly likely that the U.S. will elect our first female president, is it in Nancy LeTourneau’s words “[not] that surprising that the prospect of breaking that huge glass ceiling would be accompanied by a lashing out of the dying beast of patriarchy?”


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