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Today the Salt Lake Tribune endorsed Hillary Clinton, and a Deseret News poll found Clinton tied with Trump in Utah. (Yes, Utah.) Also, FiveThirtyEight has flipped Arizona blue and has Clinton an 86% favorite to win the election. (Yes, Arizona.) Meanwhile, several former contestants in the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA have come forward to say Donald Trump walked in on them while they were naked, and they were expected to greet him before getting dressed. (Yes, teens.) But Donald Trump said ISIS will take over the U.S. if Clinton is elected, and that she shouldn’t even be allowed to run “because of the crimes she’s committed,” and he is still pushing a “rigged election” myth that has his supporters convinced he’s winning. Does Hillary Clinton “need” a double-digit win to legitimize her presidency, or is that merely raising the bar for the female candidate?


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