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Today Speaker Paul Ryan said he will no longer defend Donald Trump and told House Republicans to focus on their own races. Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall called Ryan’s stance the “full weasel” – Ryan did not retract his endorsement – but Kellyanne Conway hinted that Trump will still retaliate. The Washington Post’s James Hohman ways the Republican Party was the big loser last night, but Vox’s Ezra Klein spotlighted the worst moment: when Trump confirmed that “he is not running to be America’s president so much as its dictator.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) doesn’t think grabbing a woman’s genitals without her consent is sexual assault and Pat Robertson said it’s “macho,” while Time’s Charlotte Alter said “Trump is a man for whom the presidency is the ultimate validation of his masculinity” and the 2016 election will be a referendum on gender and the USA Today’s John Kelly, Nick Penzenstadler, and Steve Reilly reported that Trump and his businesses have a long record of sexual harassment. In the words of Vox’s Matthew Yglesias and Lawyers, Guns & Money’s Scott Lemieux, did “a competent woman” debate “a misogynist without a clue?”


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