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Hussain bin Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, was decapitated by the forces of Caliph Yazid I, an event commemorated by Muslims as Aashurah, today (680). Also, the army of Charles Martel turned back the Moors at Tours (732), English soldiers killed 600 Irish soldiers and civilians after a three-month siege at Dún an Ói (1580), the Ndyuka people of Suriname gained autonomy in a treaty with Dutch colonial officials (1760), at least 20,000 people died as the Great Hurricane swept across the Caribbean (1780), the Naval School, now the U.S. Naval Academy, opened with 50 students and seven professors (1845), William Lassell discovered Neptune’s largest moon, Triton (1846), the original cornerstone was laid for the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee (1860), Carlos Céspedes issued the Grito de Yara, proclaiming Cuba’s independence (1868), the Wuchang Uprising led to the demise of Qing Dynasty, the last Imperial court in China (1911), President Woodrow Wilson triggered the explosion of the Gamboa Dike, completing construction of the Panama Canal (1913), 7 people died as a bomb exploded aboard a United Airlines 247 near Chesterton, Indiana, the first proven act of sabotage in commercial aviation history (1933), the Munich Agreement ceded the Sudetenland to Nazi Germany (1938), Japanese military police arrested and tortured 57 civilians after a British commando raid on the port at Singapore, an event remembered as the Double Tenth Incident (1943), the Mutual Defense Treaty between U.S. and South Korea was signed in Washington, D.C. (1953), President Dwight Eisenhower apologized to Ghanian Finance Minister Komla Agbeli Gbdemah, who had been refused service in a Dover, Delaware restaurant, on the same day a fire erupted at Britain’s Windscale nuclear plant (1957), France ceded the Bizerte naval base to Tunisia (1963), the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Summer Olympics was broadcast live worldwide for the first time by geosynchronous satellite relay (1964), the Outer Space Treaty took effect (1967), Fiji gained independence (1970), the London Bridge reopened in Lake Havasu City, Arizona (1971), 3500 people died as a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck El Asnam, Algeria (1980), 41 people died when rebels shot down a Lignes Aériennes Congolaises Boeing 727 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1998), 110 people died when a suicide bomber drove a truck into a crowd in Orakzai, Afghanistan (2008), Armenia and Turkey signed an agreement to open their borders (2009), and the Netherlands Antilles dissolved with Curaçao and Sint Maarten becoming two new constituent countries and with the other islands becoming special municipalities within the Netherlands (2010). And 103 people were killed when two bombs exploded outside the Ankara Central railway station in Turkey (2015).


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