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Today Washington Post columnists Eugene Robinson, Jonathan Capehart, Dana Milbank, Alexandra Petri, and even Jennifer Rubin agreed that Donald Trump lost last night’s debate, but David Weigel offered five (thin) counter-arguments. Meanwhile, Google searches for registrarse para votar (“register to vote,” in Spanish) skyrocketed during the debate, and undecided voters in North Carolina gasped when Trump boasted that paying no taxes “makes me smart.” But bullshit-monger Salena Zito found a barfull of Ohioans who think Trump won, and Trump’s alt-right army hacked online polls that Fox News cited as proof of Trump’s victory. But it was bad enough that Rudy Giuliani hinted Trump might not show up for the two remaining debates, and Trump responded to Clinton’s stinging barbs on sexism, including this brilliant ad …

… by spewing more ugly sexism on TV this morning. Will this weekend’s polls show Clinton farther ahead than the 55-45 favorite she was this morning?


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