I have been trying to prepare myself for tonight’s presidential debate. The idea of “the real world” keeps popping into my head in the face of Trump’s lies.

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Dave and Amy Freeman came out of the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota on Friday. They spent a year in the wilderness to focus the nation’s attention on the need to protect the BWCA from the pollution caused by copper sulfide mining. It was a successful adventure and got national and international publicity for the cause.

Someone asked if they were ready to return to “the real world.” I’ll paraphrase Dave Freeman’s reply. He said the wilderness was a real world, an unspoiled world and one that deserved our protection. He did say that maybe he and Amy were returning to the civilized world.

The Freemans had solar power to charge their laptop and sat phone. They sent out blog posts and put updates on Facebook so we supporters could share in their adventure. I don’t know how often they checked the news but I’m guessing not often. Anyone who’s been following the campaigns or watching the news would probably not call this a “civilized world.”

My campground hosting job at the edge of the BWCA ends at the end of September. I am excited to be closer to my family and especially my newest one month old granddaughter. I am not at all excited to be leaving the wilderness. I am having trouble picturing a “civilized world” waiting for me.

I am so hoping that connecting with the Democratic Party volunteers will remind me of what teamwork looks like and what Stronger Together really means. I will be watching the debate with a group of women friends. We are stronger together. We will also be yelling back at Trump in a manner that might border on uncivilized.


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