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This week an Alaskan mayor proposed a cat leash law, in response to complaints about roaming felines, while four white lion cubs and three white tiger cubs were born in Poland. Also in Poland, a missing 14-year-old German girl turned up safely after a four-day, 250-mile bicycle-and-hitchhiking journey to visit her grandmother. Also in Germany, a 17-year-old was injured after spraying enough air freshener to create a “combustible gas mixture” that exploded in his car. And the Annals of Improbable Research handed out the annual Ig Noble Prizes to a Swedish researcher who collects bugs, an Egyptian scientist who tested the effect of pants and fabrics on male rats’ sex drives, a British researcher who lived as a variety of animals, a German researcher who found you can ease an itch by ‘mirror-scratching,’ and a U.S.-Canadian-British team who performed “cross-sectional lifespan investigation of deception” and found young adults are the best liars. Will that Alaskan mayor demand that cats also wear pants?


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