A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll suggests media coverage drives voter concerns. (More)

“Asked which problem concerns them the most”

First the good news from today’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leads Republican Donald Trump by six points among likely voters heading into the first presidential debate on Monday, according to a brand-new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

The survey – which was conducted after Clinton’s return to the campaign trail following her bout with pneumonia – shows a bigger advantage for the secretary of state than did polls taken during the heightened scrutiny of her health.

Clinton leads Trump 43-37 in a four-way race including Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. In a heads-up matchup, Clinton’s lead widens to 48-41. Both are “likely voter” models.

But the pollster also asked respondents what issues concern them, and those results are summarized in the image above:

A combined 69 percent of American voters say they have concerns about Donald Trump’s comments and language on women, immigrants and Muslims, including more than half who have “major” concerns, according to a new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

That’s compared with a combined 64 percent of voters who say they have concerns about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

Asked which problem concerns them the most about Trump, 33 percent say it’s not having the right temperament to be commander-in-chief; 27 percent say it’s his controversial comments about women, immigrants and Muslims; and 13 percent say it’s his praise for Vladimir Putin.

For Clinton, 36 percent say they’re most concerned about her judgment when it comes to dealing with Syria, Iraq and Libya; 29 percent say it’s her use of a private email server; and 9 percent say it’s Clinton’s recent comment about Trump’s supporters.

How much does media coverage drive “voters” concerns? The pollster didn’t even ask about the Trump Foundation corruption stories broken by the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold or the Trump Organization conflict of interest story broken by Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald.

Voters might think either or both of those are important concerns, or they might not care. There’s no way to know if pollsters don’t ask. And while pollsters write the questions, the topics are chosen by their media sponsors. Apparently NBC News and the Wall Street Journal don’t think corruption at the Trump Foundation or conflicts of interest from the Trump Organization matter enough to include in their list of possible “voters” concerns.

I think that pretty much answers the question in today’s headline.

Voters like Canada, Mexico, dislike the Media, Putin

The pollster also asked respondents to rate their feelings about various people, countries, and institutions. The results are … revealing:

The glib summary of this table is “both Clinton and Trump are unpopular, as are their parties.” And that’s been the media narrative throughout this campaign. But Trump is twice as unpopular as Clinton, and the GOP is three times as unpopular as the Democratic Party. In fact, likely voters in this poll liked Mexico more than Donald Trump. Much, much more.

Oh, and down there near the bottom of the list, just above Vladimir Putin?

Yeah, that would be the news media who keep feeding us glib narratives like “both Clinton and Trump are unpopular, as are their parties” and don’t even bother to ask if voters are concerned about corruption at the Trump Foundation and conflicts of interest with the Trump Organization.

Just sayin’….


Photo Credit: NBC News

Poll Summary Image: Crissie Brown from NBC/WSJ Poll


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