If you are a Trump supporter, congratulations, I guess. Your guy won and I hope you are happy. Based on his campaign statements, here’s a glimpse of what awaits all of us.

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President Trump said he’d repeal Obamacare on day one. Actually it took him a couple of weeks but he did it. He signed the repeal bill that Congress sent him. Here’s what it means for us. Insurance companies can refuse to cover pre-existing conditions and drop young adults from their parents’ insurance. Even if you have insurance through your employer, better buckle your seat belts. Insurance companies can raise rates as much as they want. We’re running government like a business now and profit is king.  That treatment for breast cancer your wife has been getting, no longer covered. That colonoscopy you had that was positive for colon cancer, you’re on your own. Your kid in college comes home with a bill for $1,000 for stitches from a nasty gash he got playing hockey, not covered.  But hey, you voted for Trump and he’s just doing what he said he would do. Ain’t America great?

President Trump also cut all funding for “the food police.” People in cities around the country are getting salmonella poisoning but, since there are no food inspectors anymore, the source can’t be traced. People now without health insurance don’t go to the hospital and die at home. School lunches are stopped because they don’t want to get sued for killing the kids with food they served. This is a slow building crisis. As it gathers momentum it seems there is also bad peanut butter out there. Patients who can still afford to go to the doctor have been told, based on their tests that they think it is peanut butter. People are starting to worry and speak up. At a news conference, the president calls them “wimps” and says he’s only doing what he said he would do and he’s cutting the fat out of government to fund our great military. Ain’t America great?

Speaking of the military, remember when candidate Trump questioned the value of NATO? As he pushes European countries to “step up and do more,” his good buddy Putin invades the Baltic countries of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. He refuses to help under the NATO treaty because he’s “renegotiating.” His response at a press conference is, “What have they ever done for us?” and some people cheer. Ain’t America great?

Remember when Trump asked why have nukes if you can’t use them? Remember when he said that if the Iranians messed with U.S. ships he’d show them? Today President Trump bombed Iran big time. Of course it was big time because he doesn’t do small time. The United Nations is meeting to impose sanctions on us. Forget about trade deals, no other country wants to be associated with us. Countries who hold parts of our debt are calling for immediate repayment in full. We cannot pay them. All those made in China and Vietnam products are gone from the shelves. The old world order where we were respected as fallen apart. The rest of the world is horrified. Some here may be saying “Ain’t America great?” but no one else is.

Don’t expect the press to do any real reporting on this either. News organizations that criticize him have been sued out of business, just as he promised.

These are but a few of Trump’s campaign statements. Imagine if I had the time to look at every one of them. I personally think America is better off without a mad man in the White House.


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