I am sometimes in danger of thinking that I won’t make it until Election Day with my sanity and normally sunny disposition intact.

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I sat down and made a list of things I could do to avoid being overwhelmed. I’ll share my list and hopefully you can use some of it and/or add to it. These are in no particular order.

+ I am making healthy comfort foods, mostly soups. So far chicken noodle, chicken wild rice, split pea, cream of spinach and chili have been made. I don’t do small quantities well so my freezer is filling up. My youngest son and his wife have a 3 week old little girl. Having a bunch of healthy lunches will help them out. They are excited.

+ I have turned off the news on the radio (MPR). Me yelling at Ken Rudin for being a shallow gossip will not change anything. I dropped my sustaining membership and rerouted the money to Hillary and Angie Craig (MN02). I am now selective about what I view on-line. Yesterday I watched President Obama’s speech in Philly on c-span on my phone.

+ I upped my phone banking from 10/day to 20. I tell myself that every phone call helps GOTV and that action is one way to ward off politically induced depression.

+ I walk a mile every day. I notice all the small changes the fall is bringing to the forest. I used to get my exercise pushing the lawn mower but thankfully that part of summer is done. I am better when I am moving. I put my yoga mat in the screen house. Yoga outdoors is great!

+ I play my favorite music through an iPod speaker box.

+ When I go to the grocery store, the library, the laundromat or the hardware store I make it a point to smile at people I know as well as total strangers. I am trying to meet as many “not deplorable” people as possible. One of my friends from the “Vote No” campaign that led to marriage equality was at the library. She said politics were getting her to the edge of despair. She came home with me and I gave her enough chicken noodle soup for dinner for her and her wife.

+ My son with the new little girl texts me photos almost every day. I sit and scroll through them and smile. It is such a good reminder about why electing Democrats is so important. I want all kids to grow up in a good world. This is, they say her first smile.

Please feel free to borrow these and add anything that works for you. Truly, we are “Stronger Together.”



Credit: Adobe Stock Images. Standard License.