What if Donald Trump were your neighbor?

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Imagine for a moment that Donald Trump is your neighbor. Let’s say you live in a good suburban neighborhood with houses that were built in the last century. There are lots of ramblers and a few split levels. The trees that were planted when the houses were new are now mature and stately. Many of your neighbors have been there for years and some have moved in in the last five years or so. Most of your neighbors are white but two years ago an Hispanic couple moved in. They are Guatemalans and have gradually become part of the neighborhood. They are hardworking and great neighbors. Their food is a big hit at the monthly block parties and the wives have visited to learn to cook like they do. They now have two kids and the neighborhood kids love to babysit not to mention getting a chance to improve their Spanish.

Now say Donald buys a house and moves in. At the first block party he is a magnet for attention. He is bigger than life and seems to brag a lot and need attention. He is on wife number three, unusual in your group. His wife is an exotic former model who doesn’t really mingle at the gatherings but stands apart. He is full of stories about his business success. He is quite the storyteller and most of the guys are mesmerized. The wives and teenaged girls are less impressed. He has made some passes, grabs and unsettling comments that leave them wary of being alone with him. He even said that his daughter from a first marriage is so hot that it’s too bad they’re related because he’d love to date her.

He attracts the guys into his orbit. He mentions that he has a few remodeling projects that he needs help on and he’s willing to pay. Four guys spend a couple of weekends, long days, helping him lay new flooring. Actually, the neighbor guys did all the work and Donald told stories. When the job was finished, there was no payment, just a slap on the back. Same thing happened to the guy who installed a new dishwasher. Donald stiffed them.

Still Donald was the center of attention at the block parties. He told great stories of his business exploits and his prowess buying and selling real estate. He also made some really rude comments about the Guatemalans who everyone else loved. He also tried to tell people that the immigrants were taking away their jobs and we needed to “Make America Great Again.” These guys all had jobs, not great jobs but enough to pay the bills. The neighbor guys all kind of wished they were doing better but things weren’t all that bad. Things just weren’t as grand as Donald said they could be.

Donald had opinions on everything. The first of the neighbors to find Donald over the top and rude were really the kids. One came home and asked his parents how Mr. Trump could get away with being a mean bully when it wasn’t allowed at school. Also, the kids wondered how so much lying was allowed. The next group to fall out of like with Donald were the women. They found many of his comments sexist and demeaning. They also thought many of his success stories were suspect. They were mad that their husbands hadn’t gotten paid and saw Donald as a slick con man. Why would the guys be so enthralled with his stories?

The women gathered at each other’s kitchen tables trying to figure out what to do about their husbands’ fascination with Donald. They decided to collectively lay down the law. No more working for a man who doesn’t pay as promised. No more of the crazy hats and no more putting down the Guatemalan neighbors. Still, they knew it wasn’t enough. Some of their husbands truly believed Donald was some sort of savior. The women couldn’t see it. They saw a con man, a bully, a liar and a great exaggerator.

As a soap opera this could go on for years. Fortunately an election in November may save this neighborhood. Hopefully the women will convince their husbands of their folly before then.


Credit: Adobe Stock Images. Standard License.