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Today Matt Lauer took a whole lot of well-deserved criticism for bungling last night’s candidate forum with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, including from NBC executives who called it a “disaster.” New York Magazine’s Frank Rich said Lauer “didn’t question Trump so much as feed him anodyne cues to spew any hooey he wanted,” while the New York TimesJames Poniewozik said Lauer asked Trump “the kind of whiffle ball job-interview question you ask the boss’s nephew you know you have to hire anyway,” adding “Mr. Lauer’s questioning of Mr. Trump was like watching one student quiz another to prep for a test neither had done the reading for.” But The Atlantic’s David Graham disputed the liberal hope that aggressive fact-checking will derail Trump, and Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall thinks Lauer teased Trump into saying outrageously offensive things. Was Lauer’s performance “a recipe for f–ing disaster come November?”


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