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The death of Byzantine Empress Theodora ended the Macedonian Dynasty today (1056). Also, Al-Kamil became Sultan of Egypt, Syria and northern Mesopotamia upon the death of his father Al-Adil (1218), 9-month-old Henry VI became King of England when his father Henry V died of dysentery while on campaign in France (1422), French-backed Irish rebels established the short-lived Republic of Connacht (1798), Meriwether Lewis and William Clark left Pittsburgh on their surveying expedition into the west (1803), Abd-ul-Hamid II deposed and succeeded his brother, Ottoman Sultan Murat V (1876), 100 people died when a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Charleston, South Carolina (1886), Mary Ann Nichols, the first victim widely attributed to Jack the Ripper, was murdered in London (1888), Ferdinand von Zeppelin patented the Navigable Balloon that bears his name (1895), Thomas Edison patented the Kinetoscope (1897), Alexander Izvolsky and Arthur Nicolson signed the St. Petersburg Convention, resulting in the Triple Entente (1907), Detroit’s 8MK broadcast the first radio news program (1920), Radio Prague premiered (1936), 25 people died when Pennsylvania Central Airlines Trip 19 crashed near Lovettsville, Virginia, prompting the first investigation by the Civil Aeronautics Board, now the National Transportation Safety Board (1940), the USS Harmon, the first U.S. Navy vessel named for an African American, was commissioned (1943), Robert Menzies founded the Liberal Party of Australia (1945), the Federation of Malaya, now Malaysia, gained independence (1959), as did Trinidad and Tobago (1962), the Polish government signed the Gdańsk Agreement after two weeks of nationwide strikes, authorizing the Solidarity trade union, on the same day over 100 people died when heavy rains swelled the Ogunpa River and flooded Ibadan, Nigeria (1980), at least 3 protesters were killed in 66 rallies across Poland commemorating the two-year anniversary of the Gdańsk Agreement (1982), 423 people died when the Soviet passenger liner Admiral Nakhimov sank after colliding with the bulk carrier Pyotr Vasev in the Black Sea (1986), Kyrgyzstan declared independence (1991), Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and their driver Henri Paul died in an automobile crash in Paris (1997), North Korea claimed to launch her first satellite, Kwangmyŏngsŏng-1 (1998), 953 people died when rumors of a suicide bombing sparked a human stampede on Baghdad’s Al-Aaimmah Bridge, on the same day Tunbridge Wells and Littlehampton Town needed a record 40 penalty kicks to break the tie in their FA Cup preliminary round replay match (2005), and Norwegian police recovered Edvard Munch’s tempera-on-board rendering of his iconic The Scream, stolen two years earlier from Oslo’s Munch Museum (2006). And 1 person died when a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off the coast of Samar, Philippines (2012).


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