Donald Trump wants to prove his campaign isn’t built on white male supremacy, plus Rush Limbaugh has a new Obama conspiracy theory…. (More)

“His record of inclusion”

It seems someone finally banged Trump’s head against the polls:

Donald Trump is rapidly trying to turn around his presidential campaign with a vigorous and at times strained effort to shed a label applied to him by a substantial portion of the electorate: racist.

Guided by his new campaign leadership, the Republican nominee has ordered a full-fledged strategy to court black and Latino voters and is mobilizing scores of minority figures to advocate publicly for his candidacy.

They’re convinced voters of color will abandon Hillary Clinton if Trump reminds them about the 1994 crime bill:

Trump’s team also hopes to exploit what the campaign’s internal poll of black voters nationally shows to be a potential vulnerability for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton once voters are informed of the crime policy record of former president Bill Clinton, according to two Trump associates.

Well, Bernie Sanders tried that and failed miserably among voters of color.

Yes, Sanders also voted for that crime bill and that weakened his case. But Trump led the media lynching of the so-called ‘Central Park Five’ in 1989, whose convictions were overturned in 2002 after DNA evidence corroborated another man’s confession and who won a $41 million settlement in 2014. And Trump was furious that the city agreed to the settlement, calling it “the heist of the century.” Add to that his saying this week that America’s cops aren’t violent enough – and Trump is hardly in a position to attack Hillary Clinton over a crime bill that her husband signed 22 years ago.

But his campaign has bought into his delusion that he can win voters of color:

“What you’re seeing here is the real Donald Trump: Somebody who wants to make sure that his record of inclusion, his views on keeping all Americans safe, on improving the economy of all Americans comes across,” said Jason Miller, Trump’s senior communications adviser. “It’s very much something that he believes in personally and he wants to make sure that folks realize that he will be an inclusive president for all Americans.”

Yeah, about that “record of inclusion”….

For the long followers of Trump’s career, however, none of these incendiary remarks are especially surprising. Trump has a long record as a provocateur on matters of race and ethnicity.

It starts in 1973, when the United States Department of Justice went to court with a discrimination complaint against the Trump family business, which rented apartments across Brooklyn and Queens. Coming from the administration of Richard Nixon, who was hardly a civil rights agitator, the complaint was based on an investigation that found four different Trump employees confirming that applicants for leases were screened by race. One rental agent said Trump’s father had told him not to rent to blacks and that he actually wanted to reduce the number of African Americans in his buildings. Three doormen said they had been instructed to deflect blacks who came to Trump buildings to apply for apartments.

It goes on, incident after incident, throughout Trump’s career. And his campaign staffers’ social media accounts are a cesspool of white supremacy.

There’s not enough lipstick in the world to cover that pig….


“The objective here is to attack rural states”

Speaking of things porcine, Rush Limbaugh has a new Obama conspiracy theory:

They are trying to bust up one of the last geographically conservative regions in the country; that’s rural America … So here comes the Obama Regime with a bunch of federal money and they’re waving it around, and all you gotta do to get it is be a lesbian and want to be a farmer and they’ll set you up … apparently enough money it make it happen, and the objective here is to attack rural states.

How it works is, the National Center for Lesbian Rights set up a series of conferences for LGBTs who live in rural areas. And while the NCLR aren’t a government agency, the conferences will be co-hosted by the Department of Agriculture:

The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights, in collaboration with the National Center for Lesbian Rights and The True Colors Fund, will engage with LGBT rural communities across the country to host the LGBT Rural Summit Series. Each series will offer a unique opportunity for USDA and other federal agencies to share information relating to policies, programs, and services that exist to protect, promote and strengthen LGBT rural communities. Issues ranging from rural housing loans, community facility grants and bullying will be discussed. Each series will also include a strong presence from local nonprofit organizations, sharing USDA’s dedication to serving LGBT rural America.

Note that the #RuralPride campaign is for and about LGBTs who already live in rural areas. But that’s irrelevant to Limbaugh. He’s telling his listeners that the USDA will start handing out checks so Those People can colonize Real America, as Jonathan Chait explains:

I mean, it’s pretty obvious that once Obama locks up the farmers in FEMA camps, he’s going to need to repopulate the farms with political loyalists, or else the cities will have food shortages. That’s where the lesbians come in. By the time Hillary Clinton is running for her fourth term, red America will have been completely liquidated, and she won’t even need ACORN to steal the election for her.

I gotta go. The mail room clerk needs the keyboard so she can shop for overalls.


Photo Credit: Scott Morgan (Reuters), J. Scott Applewhite (AP)


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