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Tradition holds that Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae today (79). Also, the Visigoths plundered Rome (410), as did the Vandals (455), Innocent III declared the Magna Carta invalid (1215), the Black Plague sparked massacres of Jews in Mainz, Germany (1349) and Palma de Mallorca (1351), the final printing of the Gutenberg Bible was completed (1456), the first official English representative to India landed in Surat (1608), the Act of Uniformity required English churches to accept the Book of Common Prayer (1662), William Penn was granted the land that is now Delaware (1682), Job Charnock of the East India Company built the first factory in Kolkata, although the Indian government has declared that the city has no official founding date (1690), British troops invaded Washington D.C. and burned the White House (1814), the Constitution of the Netherlands was signed (1815), the Treaty of Córdoba ended the Mexican War of Independence (1821), management fraud at the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company triggered a nationwide panic and a severe economic crisis (1857), Matthew Webb became first person to swim the English Channel (1875), Thomas Edison patented the motion picture camera (1891), workers began pouring concrete for the Panama Canal (1909), Alaska became a U.S. territory (1912), at least 65 Jews were killed and the rest forced to flee the city in the Hebron Massacre (1929), the North Atlantic Treaty took effect (1949), Edith Sampson became the first black U.S. delegate to the United Nations (1950), the Communist Control Act banned the American Communist Party and made it a crime to join or support communist-affiliated groups (1954), the Youth International Party disrupted trading on the New York Stock Exchange by throwing dollar bills from the gallery (1967), Major League Baseball Commissioner Bartlett Giamatti imposed a lifetime ban on Cincinnati Reds manager Pete Rose for gambling (1989), Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, on the same day Ukraine declared independence (1991), Category 5 Hurricane Andrew made landfall in south Florida (1992), the International Astronomical Union redefined Pluto as a dwarf planet (2006), and 72 undocumented immigrants were murdered by the Los Zetas drug gang in San Fernando, Mexico (2010). And a 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Napa, California, the state’s most powerful jolt since the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake (2014).


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