Have you turned off the political news lately? I have. Donald Trump is more than I can take.

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I am soon to be 70 so I have lived a fair amount of political history. I was in high school when President Kennedy was assassinated. I watched as Robert Kennedy and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King were assassinated. I lived through Watergate, President Nixon’s impeachment and resignation and President Ford’s pardon. The 1960s were terrible times. In my life, 2016 takes the cake.

I feel like I may sound like an old woman remembering the ‘good old days.’ Really, those old days weren’t all that good. Our country has survived a lot. I only hope that we can also survive candidate Trump. Trump has laid waste to reality, facts, reason, inclusion, common decency, and the U.S. Constitution.

I was raised and raised my sons to pay attention to “current events.” My oldest son and his wife are trying to enforce a news blackout for their three kids ages 10, 8 and 5. There is no way to explain our country’s values, the Constitution, the anti-bullying message in schools, the inclusive message for people of color that are their neighbors and classmates and make sense of Trump. Who thought that parents would need to grab the newspapers off the driveway to protect their kids? Who thought that kids reading current events because they got to the newspapers early would provoke breakfast conversations about acceptable behavior?

My ten year old granddaughter was very incisive in her comments. “Nana, I’m sure you will give me the speech about how our family has different rules. I get that but what I don’t understand is how Trump got so many votes. Are the rules really that different? Who votes for a bully and why would they?”

Her younger brother has captured the essence of this dilemma with his comment, “Trump is evil. Sometimes people just want to dance with the devil. Doesn’t mean they are evil too. They just forgot for a bit about what was important.”

The five year old asks, “Is Trump the guy with the orange hair that is always yelling? Yuck!”

The idea of a news blackout has its limitations. How can the media cover a candidate and an election where kids can’t be allowed to read the newspapers because their parents cannot reconcile solid American values with one candidate’s vitriol?

I am a solid Democrat. I sincerely hope that the Republicans come up with a candidate in 2020 that will allow people to engage on the issues and not have to say, “Too much news!” I also hope that whoever they nominate loses.


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