My youngest son and his wife are expecting a new baby girl. This is their first child and yesterday was a baby shower.

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I seem to go to a baby shower once every ten years or so. Things change substantially in that time. One thing that hasn’t changed is that this is an all female affair. I asked a friend of my D-I-L why men never were invited to showers. Her short reply, “They’re too smart to come.” Points for the guys although I think fathers to be might need a support group of sorts. In a way that is what a shower represents.

Two five year old cousins to be clearly explained to the grandmothers how the latest video baby monitor worked. Without a hint of irony, one of them said, “You can spy on us without climbing upstairs to see if we’re sleeping. You can even talk to us and tell us to get back in bed. We may even listen to you.” The NSA might appreciate their attitude towards privacy.

The gifts ranged from the practical to the latest high tech gadgets. I thought of the Dionne quintuplets who were born early and put in bread pans in the oven of a wood burning stove. In remote Canada a quick thinking Doctor rigged an incubator and kept them alive. I’d surely rather not have my new granddaughter in a bread pan but what has become ‘necessary’ for a new baby boggles my mind. She did get a nice selection of books so plus one for the old standbys.

I gave her a hand made quilt and a totally impractical white dress. This morning I sewed a skirt out of Winnie the Pooh fabric for her crib.

One very fun game was for each guest to write on a diaper a message to the parent changing her in the middle of the night. “A girl’s gotta poop” was one of my favorites. Another was “Just wait until I start eating solid foods.”

Another game, led by a 10 and 11 year old pair was to see how quickly we could each match up a pile of socks into pairs. They had a stop watch. No surprise, the mothers with young kids beat the rest of us by 10 seconds. One woman pointed out that if this was real life, there would be one sock without a mate.

My new granddaughter and her parents will have a large and loving support network. Not high tech but maybe more important.


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