When I am scared I make lists and do research. It’s either that or take a nap and then make lists and do research.

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A couple of recent examples come to mind. In the middle of the week without power I realized I needed new house batteries on my camper and to have someone look at my generator. I took my laptop and phone into the library which had power. Duluth was all out of 12v deep cycle marine/RV batteries due to the same storm that hit northern MN.

I made a list of what I needed and how much it would cost. I guessed right on the batteries and high on the generator. I realized that action was the cure for the sense of victim hood that was creeping up and about to ambush me into something like depression. I drove 250 miles to the cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and got the batteries one day and the generator fixed the next. Nice guy at the generator place told me to dump a couple of cans of Seafoam in the tank for the next couple of tanks. He also told me they were almost $13.00 at stores like NAPA and under $7.00 at Walmart.

I lost power again yesterday morning and it didn’t phase me. I was ready.

Next example. My granddaughter accidentally spilled orange juice on my laptop. It is dead. In a move that is now touching, she grabbed her journal and left the laptop in a puddle of OJ. This was not an expense I was anticipating but now that I’ve done my research it isn’t as bad as I thought. I will miss the Obama logo sticker but that tells me it was from ’08 which is a pretty good run. A similar laptop costs less than what I paid for the dead one so that’s good news.

After giving my granddaughter back to her mom yesterday, I realized we’d had a great week. She wanted to stay forever. I came back home and took a nap.


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