I have a guest blogger today, my 10 year old granddaughter, Addi. She is from a strongly Democratic family and is paying some attention to the convention. She also just returned from Girl Scout camp which is apparently a great source of riddles and jokes.

Midday Matinee is our people watching, people doing and people being feature. Join the Woodland Creatures for an afternoon break.

Riddle One:

There is a green house and inside the green house is a white house. Inside the white house is a red house. Inside the red house are black and white children, what is it?

Addi’s awnser: A watermelon

Animal Story:

A lion and a cheetah were playing checkers. The cheetah skips across the board and takes all the checkers in one move.

“You’re a cheetah,” yelled the lion.

“You’re lion'” said the cheetah.

Animal Story

Two men sat on a park bench. A dog sat between them. “Does your dog bite?” asked the first man
“No,” said the second man so the first man put out his hand to pet the dog. CHOMP! The dog bit his finger.
“I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite,” said the first man.
“It doesn’t,” said the second man, “but thats not my dog.”

Riddle Two:

The green man lives in the green house. The red man lives in the red house. The blue man lives in the blue house. The tan man lives in the tan house. The gold man lives in the gold house. The yellow man lives in the yellow house. The black man lives in the black house. Who lives in the white house?

Addi’s answer’ “Hopefully not Trump. Let’s go Hillary!”

I hope these riddles make your day!

Credit: Adobe Stock Images. Standard License.