When I was learning to drive and cruising through mall parking lots, my Dad told me about the parking lot fairy. If you asked for her help, a parking space would appear. I have since enlisted the aid of other fairies. (More)

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My dad’s line was “sometimes you get what you expect and sometimes we make our own luck.” It was good advice whether or not you believe in fairies. I am not delusional nor am I hearing any voices. I have friends who can attest to the super job often done by the parking lot fairy. I am not, of course counting the times when I’ve had to circle two or three times before a space appears.

My campground has been missed by several severe storms this year. Some have gone south and some have gone north. Some have even split and gone around me. A couple of tornadoes have been within 20 miles of me along with wind damage and hail damage. Last night there was a severe thunderstorm warning for our area. I commented last night in Campus Question that perhaps my luck had run out as a red blob was headed directly for me.

I decided, after battening down the hatches, that perhaps I needed a storm fairy. As I was retracting the awning on my camper and retracting the slide-outs, I started talking out loud to my hoped for storm fairy. I told her I was in line for a direct hit with 60 mph winds, hail, thunder and lightening and I needed her help. She could either redirect the storm or have it just fall apart. I also told her she had 45 minutes tops to help me.

The weather app on my phone was beeping and I had the weather radio on. It really wasn’t looking too good. I was about to head for a concrete outhouse (best shelter we have) when the weather radio announced that the severe thunderstorm warning for me had been lifted because the storm had diminished in intensity. Yes!

I thanked my storm fairy for all her help and put my camper back to normal. We had thunder and lightening and some heavy rain for 20 minutes tops.

If you are reading this in total disbelief, I get it. Causation and coincidence get mixed up all the time. However, if you’d like to have your own fairies, remember to say please and thank you.


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