I have driven by this signage north of Duluth, MN on Hiway 53 for years. Finally I stopped and carefully read the homemade signs. I had to share.

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The people who live not in big cities are an interesting bunch. My farmer cousin in rural Nebraska is a solid Democrat but with a few libertarian quirks. I am fascinated by the differences between rural Americans and urban Americans. I have lived both places and find that people who have only lived their whole lives in one or the other don’t really appreciate the ways they are the same and the ways they are different. The person who made the signs below is clearly in a class by himself. I’ll admit that I may be unfairly assuming the signs were made by a man. You never know.

I love that Cotton, MN was founded in 1903 and has been “dumbfounded ever since.” I have no idea how kids as bait and gun control and Hitler are connected, but hey Free Speech.

I like the “See I told you so line” but I have no idea what exactly he thinks he is right about. Hmm. I wonder if I would dare turn into his gravel road if his name appeared on a canvassing list. I’m thinking maybe not. The small sign that reads, “Danger, No trespassing, Injury very likely” is definitely a deterrent.

In spite of that, I find myself wondering a whole lot what a conversation with this guy might be like. I have lots of questions and I’d love to know what he thinks. I am sure these signs are at least 9 years old. At best, I see him as exercising his rights to free speech. At worst, who knows?

You’ve got to love the First Amendment.

Credit: Adobe Stock Images. Standard License.