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Today former congresscritter Joe Walsh called for “real America” to kill President Obama and Black Lives Matter activists. And Walsh was hardly alone in blaming President Obama for last night’s carnage in Dallas. Indeed Donald Trump’s statement was tame in comparison to the right-wing sewerage, such as the Drudge Report headline ‘Black Lives Kill’, and conspiracy-monger Alex Jones called it “a globalist, leftist takeover” led by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the United Nations. We now know the shooter was a former Army reservist, Afghanistan vet, and a self-styled ‘black power’ activist. Never mind that Black Lives Matter leaders condemned the violence, and the Dallas P.D. worked with local Black Lives Matter activists to plan yesterday’s rally. Never mind that President Obama called the ambush “a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.” Will the white conservative version of events dominate the political dialogue … as usual?


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