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Today tens of thousands of Britons searched the internet to learn about the European Union they had just voted to leave, lending credence to Zack Beauchamp’s analysis at Vox that the Brexit vote was about xenophobia and not economics. The Atlantic’s David Frum tries to disagree, but his anti-immigration argument reinforces Beauchamp’s point. The Washington Post’s James Hohmann wonders if the Brexit vote portends a Donald Trump victory, but Lawyers, Guns & Money’s Scott Lemieux explains why that’s probably mere handwringing. The New York TimesPaul Krugman thinks the Brexit vote merely brings long-standing EU problems to a head, and Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall weighs the political consequences for Europe, while The American Prospect’s David Dayden blames EU elites’ corporatist, austerity-based response to the Great Recession. Is “open borders for money but not for workers” a viable ‘free trade’ strategy?


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