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This week I worked with Lake Toba and Winter to install and fine tune our new website format. Lake Toba did the technical work as Winter and I offered ideas to improve the design and utility. The new format makes it easy to add and/or adjust things, so expect other changes over the coming days and weeks. For example, we hope to add an Election Day Countdown clock soon.

Once she has secured a majority of pledged delegates – probably by Wednesday morning – we’ll try to add a Hillary Clinton campaign logo to our site, with a click-through link that will take you to her campaign website to donate and/or volunteer.

And once all of the state-level Democratic primaries are concluded – later in the summer – we’ll add Blue Congress panel on our front page. It will open a page with links to the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and Democratic candidates in key U.S. House and Senate races, to make it easier for you to support them as well.

In short, we’ll try to make BPI Campus a convenient portal for Democratic activism.


Photo Credit: Timmy Swift (LaughSpark)