Wow, the Newer Venerable Hall is finished-ish! Or should that be finished-ished? No, that sounds like a stadium announcement. “Now batting-atting, number nine-ine.” But I digress….

As you can see, we’ve moved in. I have no idea who’s cleaning our windows. Maybe she’s the Professor of Astrology Janitor’s niece. He could have one, I suppose. I digress again….

Anyway, this is the Newer Venerable Hall. It’s not quite done: our Art Department are making new logos, and our lowly mail room clerk is making new article drafts for our contributors. But we’re in.

As you can see, a lot has changed. For starters, to get to your dorm room you now need to hover your mouse where it says Home˅ at the left end of the Menu Bar. Alas, you can’t order drinks at the Menu Bar. Still digressing….

The point is, if you hover your mouse there, you’ll get a drop-down thingy – I guess we could call it an elevator – that takes you to your dorm room. I wonder if I should put an elevator in Árbol Squirrel. Sigh. Another digression….

Sorry. It’s hard to concentrate with so many changes.

We have lots more columns now. Not on the front of the building, but on the front page. I guess that’s the lobby.

On the left column, you’ll find all the stuff you found in the left column before. But they moved my Twitter feed to the top so you can find my 140-character wisdom easier. You’re welcome.

In the center column, you’ll see our Featured Article slider at the top, and below that the four most recent articles in the Morning Feature – Mixed Nuts or Ask Ms. Crissie – and Midday Matinee categories.

In the right column, you’ll see the four most recent articles in the Today’s Buzz – Campus Chatter or Campus Question – and Our Earth categories.

Below those, the columns get wider for the four most recent articles in the Furthermore and Activities – Things We Did This Week – categories.

Way down at the bottom, you’ll find another slider of all our recent articles, and in the basement you’ll find our Blogroll, News Feed, and the Washington Post Wonkblog RSS feed.

On the article pages, we still have the left column with the same features as in the lobby. But the entire right column now has the article, with the headline and byline at the top, followed by a huge photo, and then the article text. At the bottom of the text you’ll find lots of options for sharing, and a row of stars that lets you rate that article.

Below that you get the About the Author and Related Articles, and then the comment area. We’re still using Disqus, and it’s supposed to work the same as it did before. Below those you’ll find recent comments, and then the same basement features you would see in the lobby. Maybe it’s the same basement, just different stairs.

And that was yet another digression, so I’ll stop before I start regressing….

Let us know what you think. I’m sure Lake Toba General Contracting and our Teknowhat Department can fix most problems.


Photo Credit: Le Globe Trader


Good day and good nuts