As Republicans and the media obsess over faux-scandals, Hillary Clinton is keeping her focus on real issues and real solutions. (More)

“Clinton’s instinct for the protective crouch”

Led by Donald Trump, the GOP will spend the next six months – and likely the next eight years – in 24/7 scandal-monger mode. And they’ll have a lot of help from a media who know Clinton scandals draw viewers and ad revenues … and many of whom begin with the presumption that Clinton is corrupt.

Part of that is that Hillary Clinton has learned to guard her privacy carefully, as Ruth Marcus explains:

“I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.” – Clinton email to Huma Abedin

This is not a smoking gun – yet it explains so much.

Actually it is the opposite of a smoking gun because Clinton in this email expresses willingness to obtain a “separate address or device” in order to fix the problem they were confronting: messages from her private account ending up in State Department spam.

If only that had happened. How many months of ugly headlines, how much political harm could Clinton have avoided if she had taken the clunky, inconvenient route of the second BlackBerry and the official email?

But the accretions, the scar tissue built up over years of politically motivated attacks and endless investigations, reinforced Clinton’s instinct for the protective crouch.

Let’s first dismiss the poppycock that Clinton would have fewer problems if she let the media (and Republicans) have access to all of her emails, including her personal communications with friends and family. Marcus says Clinton is more likeable when she lets her personal side show, and that’s both true and irrelevant.

The media (and Republicans) would like to read all of Clinton’s emails – and the transcripts of her paid speeches, and her texts, and ideally have a Go-Cam with audio surgically implanted in her forehead – so they can pore over everything she says, writes, and does to find stuff they can frame as dirt. That’s what they mean by “transparency.”

Simply, they want Everything. And if there’s a hint that anything was kept back – if she turned off the Go-Cam while she was in the bathroom – That Must Be When She Gave The Order To Kill Vince Foster, or Okayed The Attack on Benghazi, or….

“I know that’s exactly what he’s fishing for”

To her credit, Clinton refuses to play along:

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said the Trump campaign has already “jumped the shark.”

“He’s essentially accusing her of murder, and ultimately I think the American people will respond,” he added. “Imagine what he’s going to be saying in September or October.”

The Clinton campaign, so far, has not responded directly to this line of attack from Trump.

Hillary Clinton, explaining to CNN why she wouldn’t respond, said, “I know that’s exactly what he’s fishing for.”

She might add that she knows exactly what the media are fishing for, but she won’t. And she shouldn’t. That would only antagonize them even more.

With one candidate claiming a federal judge who was born and educated in Illinois and lived in the U.S. his entire life is “a Mexican” – because that judge’s last name is Hispanic – we need someone focused on real issues and real solutions. Trump and the media may be willing to treat this election as a reality TV show … but voters deserve someone who keeps her eye on the ball.


Photo Credit: David Becker (Reuters)


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