Usually when we stand in front of a mirror we assume we are seeing a reasonable idea of what we look like. (More)

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I admit there are times when somehow in defiance of what I know about my age (69) that I am surprised to see the wrinkles and gray hair. I was feeling younger than the face staring back at me. My youngest granddaughter drew a picture of me. She’s 5. Some of the facial features look abstract but the wrinkles are not. She told me, “Nana I can’t draw eyes very well but I think I am good at drawing wrinkles so I gave you extra.” Okay then. Just what I needed. I hugged her anyway.

There is a good sized mirror on the back wall of my camper. I call it my magic mirror. When I stand in front of it I look taller and thinner than I know myself to be. It doesn’t matter that I look different in other mirrors. I still smile and feel good when I see the slightly taller and slightly thinner me in this mirror.

To be clear, I get that this mirror is different. Visitors have noticed it too. One person even asked if they could have the mirror if I ever sold the camper. The answer is no because the mirror is definitely firmly and permanently attached to the wall.

I figure that my magical mirror is a harmless loosening of my grasp on reality. It hurts no one and makes me happy. Plus, as I said there is no easy way to get it off the wall. I see this self-deception as very different from denying climate change or Trump’s 70% rate of lying about anything and everything. In fact, I think the world might be a better and happier place if more mirrors were skinny mirrors.