Today on YouTube treasures, we took a look at a lecture by by Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology in which he explains how fructose interferes with normal hormone function and triggers the familiar symptoms of “obesity” today. (More)

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Today we continue with another lecture by Dr. Lustig which goes into more detail about metabolic syndrome, and what causes it. In this lecture, he explains how sugar triggers an insulin response and suppresses the effect of leptin, a hormone involved in regulating apatite, and which is responsible for making us feel energized. Interference with leptin results in sloth and unending hunger. The fructose molecule (which again is also in any variety of table sugar, not just high fructose corn syrup) is at the center of this interference with normal function of both these hormones.

Dr. Lustig shows how patients with abnormal brain function can respond favorably to therapy which attempts to restore function of these hormones, and how that shows that normal people with metabolic syndrome are experiencing the same problems for the same biochemical reasons. He also examines more research, and describes metabolic syndrome in a broader sense.

This too is a lengthy video so grab a cup of coffee (no sugar) and pull up a chair…

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