The Clinton campaign has a surprising plan to attack Donald Trump: they will bet on the intelligence of voters. (More)

“It’s about having real plans to get stuff done”

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent reported on Team Clinton’s plans:

In an interview with me, Clinton’s chief strategist, Joel Benenson, previewed some of the Clinton team’s lines of attack on Trump. In so doing, he brushed off much of the conventional wisdom about the race, arguing that no matter how creatively Trump has employed his celebrity and business alpha-prowess, he’d succumb to an attack revealing that he isn’t actually on the side of ordinary Americans, and that ultimately, voters would choose Clinton over him on the economy for the simple reason that her policies and priorities are better.

As part of that, they will spotlight Trump’s bankruptcies – not as a character attack but to debunk his faux-populism narrative:

“His entire life, he’s been in it for himself – he’s a self promoter,” Benenson said, adding that Trump’s bankruptcies would provide fertile ground to demonstrate this vividly: “The reality is he’s left in his wake small business contractors and working people who worked on a lot of these jobs.”

Team Clinton will also focus on her pragmatism in contrast to Trump’s incoherent, whatever-will-get-a-headline rhetoric:

“She’s the only candidate who’s talked about a real jobs plan, with manufacturing and small businesses at the center of it; a real approach to competing and winning in a global economy, where we make more goods here that we sell to 95 percent of the consumers who live outside the United States; about a plan to raise wages; and a plan for equal pay for women,” Benenson said. “This isn’t about bluster. It’s about having real plans to get stuff done. When it comes to the economy, Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with plans that have been vetted and will make a difference in people’s lives.”

“Maybe the world hasn’t gone as crazy as the GOP primaries have made it seem”

Sargent also assesses Svengali Trump mythos that has seized the media:

And so, you often hear it suggested that Trump can’t be beaten on policy, since facts and policy positions no longer matter; that he is going to attack in “unconventional” ways, so there is more to be feared; that he may be able to ride Rust Belt working class white anger into the White House in defiance of demographic realities; and that he has some kind of magical appeal that Democrats fail to reckon with at their own extreme peril. I don’t mean to suggest Trump should be taken lightly or to denigrate those worries; I have on occasion shared them, too.

But what if this is all wrong? What if it turns out that Trump can be beaten with the relatively conventional argument that Clinton’s priorities and policies are better for a majority of Americans than his are, and with a more effective series of negative attacks on him than he is able to land on her? Maybe the world hasn’t gone as crazy as the GOP primaries have made it seem.

By rejecting the “facts and policy positions no longer matter” narrative and refusing to play the Who Can Sling The Smelliest Feces game, the Clinton campaign are relying on voters to look past the media hype and think about which candidate offers a set of realistic plans to meet our nation’s challenges. Just as she has in the Democratic primaries, Clinton is betting on the intelligence of voters.

I think that’s a winning bet.


Photo Credit: Reuters


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