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Self-proclaimed emperor Macrinus banished Julia Maesa to her home in Syria, where she and her daughter Julia Soaemias began planning the restoration of Rome’s Severan Dynasty (218). Also, Count Baldwin IX of Flanders was crowned Baldwin I of Constantinople, the first emperor of the Crusade-era Latin Empire (1204), citizens of Florence drove out the House of Medici for the second time and reestablished their republic (1527), Thomas More resigned his post Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII (1532), 15-year-old Louis-Auguste, the future Louis XVI, married 14-year-old Marie Antoinette (1770), the Treaty of Bucharest ended the Russo-Turkish War and added Bessarabia to the Russian Empire (1812), the authoritarian absolutists of Dom Miguel I were defeated by the progressive constitutionalists of Dom Pedro at Asseiceira, the decisive engagement of Portugal’s Liberal Wars (1834), 1000 pioneers set out from Elm Grove, Missouri in the first major wagon train on the Oregon Trail (1843), Congress replaced the half-dime coin with the nickel (1866), the Senate acquitted President Andrew Johnson on impeachment charges (1868), 139 people died as the Williamsburg Reservoir dam burst and the Mill River flooded four towns in Massachusetts (1874), the French Parliament passed a vote of no confidence against the prime minister appointed by Royalist President Patrice MacMahon, who days earlier had dismissed the Parliament’s chosen prime minister (1877), Nikola Tesla delivered a lecture on the generation of alternating current (1888), the International Electrotechnical Exhibition opens in Frankfurt, Germany, featuring the world’s first long-distance transmission of three-phase electrical current (1891), Brooklyn Field Club defeated Brooklyn Celtic 2-1 to win the first National Challenge Cup, now soccer’s Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup (1914), Congress passed the short-lived Sedition Act that made criticizing the government in wartime a felony (1918), Benedict XV canonized Joan of Arc (1920), the first Academy Awards were given (1929), El Al Israel airline began the first regular transatlantic flights between New York City and London (1951), U.S. journalist William Oatis was released after 22 months of a 10-year sentence for espionage in Czechoslovakia (1953), Theodore Maiman operated the first optical laser at Malibu’s Hughes Research Laboratories (1960), Park Chung-hee seized power in the coup d’état that ended South Korea’s Second Republic (1961), China’s Communist Party issued the declaration that began the Cultural Revolution (1966), the Soviet Venera 5 probe landed on Venus (1969), Josip Tito was elected President for Life in Yugoslavia (1974), Sikkim became India’s 22nd state, on the same day Junko Tabei became the first woman to summit Mount Everest (1975), UNESCO adopted the Seville Statement on Violence (1986), Elizabeth II addressed a joint session of Congress, the first British monarch to do so (1991), 45 people were killed as 12 suicide bombers struck Casablanca, Morocco (2003), Kuwait’s National Assembly voted to permit women’s suffrage (2005), Nicolas Sarkozy was inaugurated as President of France (2007), STS-134 launched at Kennedy Space Center, the last flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor and the penultimate flight of the 30-year shuttle program (2011), and 12 people were killed when two bombs exploded in the Gikomba market area of Nairobi, Kenya (2014). And 2 people died when a passenter train struck a tractor-trailer that was stuck on a crossing in Ibbenbüren, Germany (2015).


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