Spam, which is some sort of contraction for “spiced ham,” originated in Austin, MN. They even have a Spam Museum there. (More)

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Spam was created in 1937 but really took off during World War II. It is shelf stable and requires no refrigeration. The Hawaiians are the number one market for Spam and they have several cookbooks just for Spam. I remember it as a kid served fried in butter with a little brown sugar on each slice. I also remember having it when my dad was out of town. I think his Army service probably gave him more than enough chances to eat Spam.

Commonly sold at restaurants and convenience stores as a quick snack, Spam musubis – a slice of Spam atop a block of rice, wrapped up in a piece of seaweed – are perhaps Spam’s most ubiquitous incarnation in island cooking.

In Hawaii, 7-Eleven stores go through about 70,000 musubis per week, Behne said.

In case you are having a nostaglia attack, here’s a bunch of recipes from the Spam Museum page.

I’m not at all sure what the Minnesota equivalent of Bon Apetit’ is but should you indulge, enjoy!