YouTube Treasures continues with insightful and biting commentary from a YouTuber on the mega drought in California. (More)

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Next Level Bullshit is an interesting channel that tries to call out the absurdities of situations. Sometimes they have a real nugget. This video explores the water crisis in California, and calls out some communities for their greed and abuse of water. While the video is almost a year old, it is still a window into the problems California faces.

From their summary:

In this episode of Next Level BS, we take a look at the latest “drought to end all droughts” in California. While many are quick to blame crops that require excessive irrigation, or environmental policies that divert billions of gallons of water because of a small fish, it’s not the whole story. There are dozens of rich communities, scattered throughout California, that consume more than four-times the water than the average U.S. household outside of drought regions. One such community, with less than 20,000 people, uses nearly 8 million gallons of water each day! And that’s just residential use, it doesn’t factor in the four golf courses. The ultra-rich in California believe their rights to water are more important than everyone else’s.