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Pedro Álvares Cabral landed in Brazil today (1500). Also, Hernán Cortés founded the settlement that is now Veracruz, Mexico (1519), Spain and Portugal agreed to divide Asia and the Pacific Islands in the Treaty of Saragossa (1529), the British East India Company captured Ormuz from Portugal, opening Persia to British traders (1622), Congress passed the Coinage Act mandating the inscription “In God We Trust” on all U.S. coins (1864), the Boston Red Stockings, now the Atlanta Braves, defeated the Philadelphia Athletics 6-5 in the National League’s inaugural game (1876), Oklahoma City and Guthrie were founded within hours after the opening of the Oklahoma Land Run (1889), China’s Tsinghua University was founded (1909), Britain, Japan, and the U.S. attempted to regulate submarine warfare and limit shipbuilding with the London Naval Treaty (1930), live television coverage of the Army-McCarthy Hearings began (1954), the New York World’s Fair opened for its first season (1964), Robin Knox-Johnston won the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, completing the first solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the world by yacht (1969), the first Earth Day was celebrated (1970), GTE opened the first fiber optic line for live telephone communications in Long Beach, California (1977), Der Stern reported the discovery of the “Hitler Diaries,” later discovered to be hoaxed (1983), 252 people died when gasoline exploded in the sewers of Guadalajara, Mexico (1992), Mosaic version 1.0 was released (1993), 71 of 72 hostages were freed and all of the guerrillas killed as Peruvian special forces stormed the Japanese Embassy to end a 126-day siege in Lima, Peru (1997), Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened (1998), federal agents seized 6-year-old Elián González in Miami and returned him to his father in Cuba, on the same day British telephone users made the Big Number Change (2000), and 54 people died as two fuel trains collided in Ryongchon, North Korea (2004), Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi formally apologized for Japan’s war record (2005), and 6 people were killed when a gunman opened fire in Belgorod, Russia (2013). And 48 people died when a freight train carrying illegal passengers derailed near the Katongola Bridge in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2014).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology did not use his new sarcasm ladle while researching this week’s Bippiescopes….

Taurus: Embrace change this weekend. Hug a quarter. Or a dime.

Gemini: Establish limits this weekend. “Up to here” will do nicely.

Cancer: Don’t worry about acting weird this weekend. We’re used to it.

Leo: Juggle job and family this weekend. Unless they get dizzy.

Virgo: Be proactive this weekend. Create a problem you can solve.

Libra: Don’t compromise your integrity this weekend. Wait til Monday.

Scorpio: Hold a steady course this weekend. Except for those rocks.

Sagittarius: Roll with the waves this weekend. Try Dramamine.

Capricorn: Live spontaneously this weekend. If it fits your plan.

Aquarius: Set realistic goals this weekend. No, this reality.

Pisces: Your thoughts light the way this weekend. But bring a flashlight.

Aries: Be honest with yourself this weekend. Oops….


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