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This week Chacha the Chimp escaped from a Japanese zoo and Inky the Octopus escaped from a New Zealand zoo, but he wasn’t the octopus that got stuck in a 2-year-old Kansas boy’s throat. Also in New Zealand, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster saw its first wedding, but a federal judge in Nebraska dismissed ‘FSMism’ as a parody of religion. Oh, an underwater robot found Nessie (sort of) and a sea lion blocked traffic in California, as crab legs sparked violence in Connecticut and three D.C. brothers convinced their sister that the Zombie Apocalypse had begun. And in Florida, a 60-year-old man turned himself in for stealing a TV … in 1989, and a 101-year-old woman got a second prom night as an 86-year-old woman attended her first. Can I get a “ramen?”


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