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Walkelin dedicated the new Winchester Cathedral today (1093). Also, Innocent II excommunicated Roger II of Sicily (1139), Shearith Israel was dedicated as the first synagogue in New York City (1730), Pius VII founded the dioceses of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Bardstown, now Louisville, and promoted Baltimore to archdiocesan status (1808), Yorgos Kentrotas found the Venus de Milo in a niche buried in the ruins of Milos (1820), William Gladstone introduced the first Irish Home Rule bill in the British House of Commons (1886), the U.S. Supreme Court overturned an unapportioned federal income tax in Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust, a decision that would prompt the Sixteenth Amendment (1895), Aleister Crowley began work on The Book of the Law, on the same day New York City’s Longacre Square was renamed Times Square (1904), the Harvard Business School was established (1908), Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovered superconductivity (1911), the Seventeenth Amendment requiring direct election of U.S. senators became law (1913), Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s Reforms abolished sharia courts in Turkey (1924), the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act became law, establishing the Works Project Administration (1935), to halt wartime inflation, President Franklin Roosevelt froze wages and prices, prohibited workers from changing jobs except to aid the war effort, and barred rate increases by common carriers and public utilities (1943), France nationalized power plants and merged them into Électricité de France, the world’s largest utility (1946), President Harry Truman ordered the Department of Commerce to take over U.S. steel mills to stop a national strike, a decision overturned two months later by the U.S. Supreme Court in Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer (1952), Grace Hopper and her team began work on the COBOL programming language (1959), 238 of 819 passengers and crew were killed when an explosion, believed but never proved to be a bomb, and fire destroyed the passenger liner MV Dara in the Persian Gulf (1961), Gemini 1 was launched (1964), stewardess Barbara Jane Harrison died while saving all but 4 of 127 passengers and crew after a fire swept through BOAC Flight 712, for which she would become the only peacetime female recipient of the George Cross for extraordinary heroism (1968), Hank Aaron hit his 715th career home run, breaking Babe Ruth’s 39-year-old record (1974), Frank Robinson took to the Cleveland Indians’ dugout as the first black manager in Major League Baseball (1975), Los Angeles Dodgers’ executive Al Campanis resigned after saying on ABC’s Nightline that blacks lacked “some of the necessities” to be baseball managers or general managers (1987), Arthur Ashe announced that he had contracted AIDS from blood transfusions he had received during heart surgery (1992), the Sudanese government and two rebel groups signed the Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement in an attempt to end the Darfur Conflict, although other rebel groups refused to sign and the bloodshed continued (2004), over 4 million attended the funeral of Pope John Paul II (2005), a farmer in Sheddon, Ontario found the bodies of 8 men who had been murdered by a motorcycle gang (2006), and the Bahrain World Trade Center was completed as the first skyscraper to incorporate wind turbines (2008). And the Islamic State in Iraq merged with the Al-Nusra Front in Syria’s civil war, forming the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham, or ISIS (2013).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology ignored the political Sturm und Drang while researching this week’s Bippiescopes….

Aries: Lies may cause you pain this weekend. So might the truth.

Taurus: Focus on the big picture this weekend. Also adjust your F-Stop.

Gemini: Cooperate with others this weekend. If they’re cooperative.

Cancer: Step up and take charge this weekend. Or sit back and take the remote.

Leo: Balance your head and your heart this weekend. Maybe at your collarbone.

Virgo: You will have to choose this weekend. Go with the chocolate.

Libra: Wait for a better solution this weekend. It’s a good excuse.

Scorpio: Plan for spontaneity this weekend. And other oxymorons.

Sagittarius: Maintain your integrity this weekend. Or fake it better.

Capricorn: Don’t take on too much this weekend. Yes, that’s too much.

Aquarius: Talk with someone you trust this weekend. And listen this time.

Pisces: Choose your words carefully this weekend. For a change.


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