A recent text exchange with a “D”emocrat exhibits a significant problem with the party. Some “D”emocrats don’t believe in Democracy (More)

Recently I had a text exchange with a Bernie Sanders supporter. The exchange was distressing, but not totally surprising. I’ve known this person for some time now and I know how strong their feelings are when they come to politics. I get their passion.

But I don’t get the attitude that they expressed recently in a series of text messages. The messages evince the same attitudes that impel the Tea Party.

But, I’ll let the texts speak for themselves:


Throwing Elizabeth Warren under the bus was the real clincher. Clearly this person doesn’t understand what is really going on in the world today, how powerful the forces arrayed against the middle class are, and how determined they are to protect the privilege and wealth they have accumulated since Reagan.

These same attitudes meant that Obama was starved of support in the most critical election of the past decade, the 2010 midterms. These elections determined House redistricting, and secured the Tea Party’s stranglehold on the Republicans. If Democrats had voted in 2010, Obama would have achieved much more, and the House wouldn’t be teetering towards insanity.

I am a supporter of Bernie Sander’s populist message. And I’m a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s pragmatic, professional and experienced skills. Whichever Democrat wins the nomination will have my full support. Why? Because millions of my fellow Democrats will have chosen their candidate (irrespective of the super delegates).  And whoever the majority chooses is the the candidate we will have. I will support that decision, because I support my fellow Democrats’ voice in the process. Because I’m a big-D Democrat who believes in small-d democracy.

And … because elections have consequences. Barack Obama’s legacy cannot be secured unless we win the White House again. We need the SCOTUS appointments. We need someone to champion Obamacare. And we need someone to continue the pragmatic, nuanced foreign policy that will carry American influence and prestige another 30 years. I think both candidates will do much to further that legacy. Hillary has certain appeal and so does Bernie. But winning the White House is the prize.

Someone who claims to be a big-D Democrat, yet won’t support the party’s small-d democratic process, is the real DINO.


Photo Credit: AP