In a sense my life has been a journey marked by the search for the perfect purse. I’ve gone through many phases in this search. (More)

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When I traveled a lot for business, the perfect purse was a small clutch that fit into my brief case. The problem with really flat little clutches was to find one that also held a passport. Most of them were just too skinny for that. I’ve never has a bunch of credit cards so those cute plastic inserts that hold 20 were useless for me. I did take the scissors and try to cut them down to my needs.

I have tested out large bags thinking I could have room for a paperback book, or now an iPad reader. A large bag meant I didn’t have to make any decisions and could just take everything with me. The downside of this is spending way too much time digging in the dark interior for whatever I needed. I wish purse designers could put in a little light that turned on when the bag was opened.

The smaller bag theory saves the weight on the shoulders but has its own limitations. Part of this ‘theory’ was that having several internal pockets, some with zippers, would force organization. The old a place for everything and everything in its place idea. I was partially compliant with the self-imposed order but resisted often enough for the plan to not work optimally. Whoever thought that having an outside pocket for a cell phone was a good idea should be fired. Phones can get lifted or just slide out.

Last night we went to a recorder concert/poetry slam put on by fourth graders. I asked my D-I-L if I needed my purse for anything. She said she didn’t think so. At that point my 5 year old granddaughter said, “How will you carry my Cliff Bar without your purse?”

Good point. As Nana I am counted on to have Cliff Bars in my purse at all times. I also have kleenex. More people are defining the perfect purse for me.

In the car my D-I-L and I were talking about purses and how many men didn’t carry them. The fourth grader pointed out that mens’ clothes have more pockets than womens’ clothes so they can carry big fat wallets. D-I-L also pointed out that before they had kids, she would just ask my son if he could put this and this and that in his pockets so she didn’t need a purse.

Men’s purses need a better name and “murses” and “man bags” aren’t helping. For more on men’s purses click here.

Soon we won’t need wallets because we’ll just wave our smart phone at whatever and pay with that. Since lots of people are tied to their phones, maybe I’ll live long enough to not need a purse. Or maybe I’ll live to be so old I’ll need some way to carry all my pills with me. Ha!