YouTube Treasures continues with a truly profound insight into Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, and moral reasoning….  (More)

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Isaac Asimov famously developed the Three Laws of Robotics as a device to prevent the trope of evil computer takes over the world. This video talks about why the three laws are a intellectually and morally bankrupt approach to solving the problem of “what do we do when computers start thinking?” This moment in human history is known as the “Singularity” and is viewed by futurists as perhaps the most significant event that will ever happen: the day we create truly self aware computers.

An important point to take away from this, irrespective of Asimov’s laws, or the Singularity, is the reality that human moral reasoning is inherently clumsy, prone to error and requires constant tuning, whether in law, or in cultural shifts. That struggle reflects the best of us, and often the worst of us. It is what fundamentally makes us human.