I spent several hours yesterday trying to get a working iron, the kind you press clothes and fabric with. Good grief. I thought I was smarter than the woman in this tale. (More)

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For the record, I don’t have many clothes that require ironing. I use one for quilting projects only. I am a campground host in the summer and campers are not generally speaking wearing starched shirts or finely creased pants.

I was sewing little gift bags to hold favors for my youngest granddaughter’s birthday party. The last step is to fold over the top to make a casing for the ribbon to go through. The ribbon both closes the bag and makes a handle. These are maybe 5 x 8″.

Ironing the fold before trying to sew it eliminates pinning and weird bunching up of fabric. It is an important step. I had borrowed my son’s iron and used it when quilting. It worked fine. It worked fine on the first two bags and I took a short break. The iron has an automatic shutoff. When I came back I could not make it turn back on.

I tried plugging it into another outlet. Nada. I tried plugging my computer into the outlet where the iron didn’t work and my computer worked fine. Darn. I went upstairs and asked my D-I-L if they had another iron. She laughed and said, “I rarely use that one. Why would we need two?”

A neighbor was over and volunteered hers. I politely declined as I had come to think it was me and I didn’t want to kill off her iron too. I decided to drive the 7 miles to my camper (in storage) and get my iron. In the process I met my son in the driveway. He agreed to come with and help me take the cover off the camper. I told him about the iron not working. I grabbed mine out of the camper and then he went to Target to buy a new one. He said his old one was really old and not holding steam. He is the primary user of their iron.

The house now has three irons. When I go down to my bag project I decide to try the original iron one more time. Son of a gun, it turns on just fine. I know I don’t understand computers but I did think I understood irons. The good news is that I finished all the bags. If there is a lesson in here, it beats me. I did grin when my son called me “the iron lady.”