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The Vikings sacked Paris today (845). Also, the Siege of Château Gaillard ended with the English surrendering Normandy (1204), Jean Parisot de Valette laid the foundation stone of Malta’s capital city, Valetta (1566), Juan Bautista de Anza found the site for the Presidio of San Francisco (1776), Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers discovered the asteroid 2 Pallas (1802), the short-lived Paris Commune was founded (1871), Henri Fabre lifted off in his Hydravion, the first seaplane (1910), at least 380 people died as the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak swept Midwest and Southern U.S. (1920), Constantinople and Angora were renamed Istanbul and Ankara (1930), China dissolved the government of Tibet (1959), 1086 people died when the magnitude 7.2 Gediz Earthquake struck western Turkey (1970), a coolant leak at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant caused a partial core meltdown (1978), President George H.W. Bush posthumously awarded Jesse Owens the Congressional Gold Medal (1990), 3 school children died when their bus struck a train in Murray County, Georgia (2000), a British soldier was killed when two U.S. jets mistakenly targeted British tanks in Iraq (2003), and 1346 people died when the magnitude 8.6 Sumatra Earthquake struck Indonesia (2005). And over a million French students, union members, and unemployed protested the proposed First Employment Contract law (2006).


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